Where does the fleece/wool come from ?

All the rugs and yarns come from my own flock.

Where can I use these rugs?

The rugs we sell are not really for hard traffic areas. They are more for display rugs and make great throws. They should last many years if you look after them.

Are your rugs/yarns suitable for vegetarians?

Yes definitely. All sheep are kept as well-loved pets. Our sheep have a home for life on our farm. 

How do you clean these rugs?

If you do need to wash the rug it can be put in a washing machine but on a very low temperature: preferably a wool wash but bear in mind it is wool so it could shrink and felt more. Don’t vacuum.

 What sort of rugs do you make?

I make felted fleece rugs and sometimes peg loom rugs as well.

Why does the rug sometimes have bits of hay in it?

We wash every fleece by hand and sometimes it’s possible that you may still find some small pieces of hay/hayseeds hidden in there. They will pull out easily and it does prove that it has come from a real live sheep.

Do the rugs moult?

Yes. Some of the rugs can moult a little especially the Valais Blacknose and the Herdwick.

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